Bugfix pre ReSharper a Rider 2021.1.3


Bugfix pre ReSharper a Rider 2021.1.3

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Na základe spätnej väzby od užívateľov, sa v JetBrains neustále pracuje na vylepšeniach všetkých nástrojov. ReSharper a Rider najnovší update, sa zameriava sa na bug-fix. Pozrime sa spolu, na najdôležitejšie highlighty.


  • Fixed the performance problem on loading a solution (RSRP-483253).
  • Fixed the issue with test runner and environment variables (RSRP-484248).
  • Fixed Cleanup code – it no longer adds redundant type arguments (RSRP-484137).
  • Fixed the slow typing and freezes in Visual Studio 16.10 (RSRP-484415).


  • Fixed the issue that led to resetting the custom color scheme (RIDER-61653).
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the focus on macOS Big Sur (RIDER-62393).
  • Fixed the stepping when debugging a .NET Core project (RIDER-62227).
  • Fixed the “Wrong client specification” issue in Perforce support (RIDER-61551).
  • Fixed Search Everywhere for databases (RIDER-61397).
  • Fixed several issues in web development (RIDER-62290).

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