CASH REBATE for your customer with Lenovo Trade Up Promotion!

Did you know your customers can earn a CASH REBATE for trading up their old hardware?
Lenovo is now offering customers the opportunity to upgrade their current systems to any eligible Lenovo DCG Trade Up product and in turn receive a cash rebate.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 for customers to receive their cash rebate once an eligible product is purchased.

1. Your customers will need to register here
2. Once registered, your customers will need to upload a PDF or JPG of their Lenovo DCG proof of purchase and their company invoice with rebate value*.
3. Your customers will need to upload their certificate of product disposal/destruction**

Once validated by Lenovo, your customers will receive their qualifying rebate straight into their bank account.


Join us! Registration is now open for May interactive product sessions

Did you know our technical experts host weekly live demos exploring IDERA products and answering your questions? Browse our upcoming schedule of interactive sessions and register to learn about product capabilities, tips, tricks, and more!

Here is the overview of all training oportunities


Join Us! [WEBINAR] Secrets of the Plan Cache

Perhaps you have wondered what plans in the cache would benefit from those missing indexes or contemplated your cost threshold of parallelism, among other questions.

Register for our Geek Sync, Secrets of the Plan Cache, on Wednesday, May 13, at 11 AM CT, with host Peter Shore.


Keep your MySQL servers running smoothly during this challenging situation

During these hard times, it is important to maintain the performance and security of your MySQL servers.

Organizations are reacting to rapidly changing demands because of the escalating crisis while their staff works at home. This can result in strained IT systems, especially databases.

Get a free, fully functional trial of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL to try it for yourself. Then, easily purchase online.


Java Annotated Monthly – May 2020

Well April sucked. May isn’t going to be much better, even if here in Spain they are actually letting us outside to exercise now. Hang on in there. Distract yourself with the articles in this month’s newsletter if you like, or focus on other things that matter more.

25 Hours of Java—May 23rd, 2020 – featuring some of the very best people in the industry. And me.

Java’s Missing Features: 5 Years Later – Quite Interesting